Employment at Practice Fitness

Our mission, to help people achieve their potential, applies to our staff as much as it does for our customers, which means growth opportunities abound at Practice Fitness. We are a hosting center for Merrithew, a world-class fitness brand, and provide apprentice programs and exam-prep courses for Pilates and personal training certifications.

Our teachers and our managers have a wide variety of personalities, interests, and backgrounds, but we all share some wonderful qualities:

  • We are naturally curious about life and its possibilities
  • We are passionate about continual learning and development
  • We derive meaning from making a difference in people’s lives.
  • We look for the best in people
  • We champion a mind-body approach to wellness
  • We love a balance between work and play
  • We believe practice is a way of life

We are currently looking for teachers and managers who share similar qualities and are interested in deepening their fitness experience, or transitioning from one industry to another, or are re-entering the workplace as an empty-nester, ready to make a new contribution to the world!

If you are interested in learning more about employment opportunities at Practice, please send a message to the owner, Patrick Przyborowski, using the contact form on the right.