Masks Off, Gloves Off

Starting today, our mask policy inside the studio shifts to mask-optional. I’m so thankful to you and all the clients and staff who have helped to maintain a low risk environment at Practice for over 14 months. 

Going forward, you may choose to continue wearing a mask, and may also ask that your instructor wear one as well. I will continue to stock masks for our instructors should they need them. Having just spent the last 14 months without so much as a sniffle, you may see me in a mask and gloves once again during cold and flu season!

While the data related to the efficacy of the vaccine is positive, I will continue to monitor updates from the Ohio Department of Health and should conditions related to covid-19 shift dramatically in the coming months, it may be necessary to resume mask wearing, and I will send a newsletter like this one in that instance.

In the meantime, I can say I am as happy as you are to exercise without a mask; it’s truly good news. You should know, however, that this means the gloves come off as well: your instructors have been skillfully modulating the intensity of your workouts and padding the session with extra breaks in order to ensure that you don’t feel overwhelmed by wearing the mask. We can now begin to ramp up the overall intensity and pace of the exercises in order get you back into fighting shape in this almost post-covid world. I know some of my clients are groaning as they read this (you know who you are), but this is the art of our work at the studio, crafting environments that meet you where you are today and carefully nudging you in the direction moving better, feeling well, and looking great!

I look forward to seeing your whole face at Practice soon!
Best wishes,

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