Announcing Over Fifty Fitness

As I mentioned in the March newsletter, I’m really passionate about helping us maintain and even enhance our quality of movement as we move through our fifties, sixties and seventies. For a few years now, I’ve looked for a way to build a program that would help people ensure that they continue to move like they are fifty until they are eighty and beyond, but I kept getting stuck on the format for it and how best to share it with you and also a larger community. 
The breakthrough came from a series of discussions I had with my stepson, Cameron Porter, during the 2019 holidays. For a Christmas present, he gave me a card in which he wrote that he would help me solve the problem. He reached out to me a few months later, just as the country began to shut down from the pandemic, to tell me that he was building a company, Core: Fitness for Every Body, that would help instructors like me to build and market our own digital content. In one fell swoop he solved the problem of formatting and distributing, and suddenly the onus was on me to get my ideas out of my head and on to the screen. I got to work. It’s taken a year, with help from some amazing people, but I believe we have a developed a product that you will truly enjoy.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Over Fifty Fitness, which is a training program designed specifically for men and women over fifty for whom quality of life is a priority.

  • It’s designed to work for new and experienced exercisers.
  • The program can be done at home with just a few simple props.
  • It focuses on helping you safely enhance and maintain your movement quality while building strength, endurance, and balance, making it possible for you to enjoy all the activities you love.

You are part of the first audience I have shared this with, and as someone who has connected to or through Practice Fitness, you are near and dear to me. I want to make sure that you keep moving as well as you can, as much as you can, for as long as you can. This program is the distillation of over 20,000 hours of experience teaching movement and I want to share that with you.
If you are currently a client who attends sessions at the studio or takes virtual classes with us, this is a wonderful complement to the work you are already doing with your instructor.
If you have been away from exercise for a while, this is a fantastic way to get started again safely, because it walks you through one movement pattern at a time and shows you a way to check your own form so that you make sure you are doing the exercise correctly.
If you are actively training in other modalities, spinning, yoga, running, HIIT, and more, this program is an excellent quality check on your ability to do foundational movements that will enhance your workouts.
Series 1 of Over Fifty Fitness has over 80 new pattern and workout videos, with more coming soon.
The monthly subscription rate is only $19.99 and starts with a free 7-day trial. It includes a daily email that guides you through the program, as well as a 75-page companion Playbook that you can use to record your performance and progress.

You can follow the program videos on your desktop, laptop, and mobile devices, and you can also stream it to your big screen, which means you can take Over Fifty Fitness with you wherever you go, including your Memorial Day holiday travel.
Please don’t wait; join Over Fifty Fitness today!
Best wishes,

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