Patrick’s Favorite Anti-Gravity Exercise

My colleague Steve Cairns was kind enough to teach me this version of the Turkish Get Up (TGU), using a shoe instead of a kettlebell or dumbbell. To pull it off successfully, you really have organize your body underneath the shoe and drive upward to stand. Similarly, you have to stay underneath the shoe to return to the floor. Try 1 full repetition (get up and then get down) for each arm, then see if you can increase to 2 or 3 reps each arm over time. Secret tip: keep you eyes on the shoe the entire time!

Step 1: Start supine (on your back), with legs long, free arm by your side, and the “shoe” arm pointed toward the ceiling with the shoe balanced on top of your closed fist.

Step 2: Slide your “shoe side” foot in closer to your bum. Move the “free-side” arm out to the side, move the free-side leg out to 45 degrees.

Step 3: Press the shoe arm toward the ceiling, articulating the torso off the ground. As you start to roll up, press your free forearm into the floor, rising first onto your elbow then continuing up until you are propped up by your free hand. Keep watching the shoe!

Step 4: Press through the shoe-side foot and lift your hips in the air. Your arms will be roughly in line in the lifted position.

Step 5: Slide the free leg underneath your hips. It will be almost at a right angle with the other knee at first, but we will change it momentarily.

Step 6: Lift your hips and let the free arm come off the floor. Your shoe arm should remain as straight as possible (mine isn’t, sorry!), elbow fully extended. You are now in half-kneeling position with a turn out.

Step 7: Turn the free leg toward the shoe-side leg so that they are parallel. You are now in half-kneeling position.

Step 8: Press through the heel of your front (shoe-side) leg and stand up. Congrats, you are half way there!

Step 9: Return the way you came. Step back with the free leg and lower on to the free knee. Half kneeling position.

Step 10: Laterally rotate your free leg to create a wider base of support. Half kneeling with turn out.

Step 11: Flex your hips to bring the free hand down to the floor.

Step 12: Slide the free leg out until it is fully extended on the diagonal, away from the shoe side leg.

Step 13: Lower your hips to the ground.

Step 14: Articulate your torso down to the floor as you bend the free elbow to the floor, followed by the upper arm and shoulder. Finally set the shoe side shoulder to return to the ground.

Step 15: Lengthen the shoe side leg on the mat, slide the free leg back under the hips, and bring the free arm back to your side. Congrats, you did it! Now move the shoe to the other hand and do it again. 🙂

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2 Responses

  1. Ruth says:

    Think I’ll try it tomorrow. Keep your phone handy in case I fail!

  2. admin says:

    You can do it, Mom!

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