The Other Silent Killer

March to April, April to May, May to June, June to July, July to August. Five months.

If you’re like me, you’ve maybe been through a series of emotional highs and lows during this time, oscillating waves of hope and fear, hoping that things will subside and return to normal, fearing that it will get worse. Add in long days on the computer while working at home, as well as conference calls with colleagues, and you have a recipe for extreme fatigue. 

What was once just a passive piece of furniture, something you own, the sofa is now playing a larger role in your life as an oasis of sorts, a place to rest your weary mind. If it was a person, it would be a real friend, providing comfort, support, and great listening skills. What’s more, it has an uncanny ability to show up as an idea in your mind in those moments when you need it most, for distraction, entertainment, or a shoulder pad to cry on. 

You’ve maybe noticed though that it has a way of drawing you to it, not as strong as a tractor beam per se, but its presence and its pull have become something you recognize more frequently. You might be questioning whether your visits with it are still a choice, wondering instead if it’s possibly become a habit. You might be asking yourself, who owns who in this relationship?

Let me help you answer that question: You own the sofa, the sofa doesn’t own you. The sofa may be a highly reliable resource for you, but it is not your friend. If you let it control your life, it will. The longer you let this go on, the more painful it will be for everybody. The real silent killer in the room isn’t the furniture, because the sofa is just a metaphor. A metaphor for what? Inertia. An object at rest tends to stay at rest. And what’s the best way to dispense with inertia? Take action.

Here’s an idea that doesn’t ask you to abandon your relationship with your furniture, but instead reframe it. I call it the “Own Your Sofa Workout.” It’s time to show your couch who’s boss!

Best wishes (for all of us to keep moving),


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