Opening Up

I have to be honest with you, presentation matters to me. I had hoped by May 1st to offer you a firm date for re-opening with a fully articulated plan for how to manage the phasing in of studio visits while providing virtual instruction for those who feel it’s important to shelter at home for now. 

Coronavirus, pesky devil, says no. Our return to neo-normalcy will take place in a far more organic fashion, much in the way that the shutdowns occurred throughout the region. Changes will occur week by week, or even day by day. I will do my best to keep you updated for changes in our schedule for classes and appointments, as well as modifications in our studio policies to ensure that everyone is as protected as possible as we move to re-open the physical location.

For now:

  • The virtual class schedule is largely the same as it was in April. Thank you so much to those of you who have been participating; it is a lifesaver for both of us, I believe. 
  • Once we get the OK from Governor DeWine to reopen the business, I will send out an abbreviated newsletter with more information.
  • We have actually been teaching some virtual privates for clients, and also virtual workshops for instructors. If you are interested in doing a virtual private, either sooner or later, please reply to this email and let me know. I’ll be happy to match you with an instructor and day/time that works for you.

Steps we are already taking to ready the space for re-opening:

Carpet deep cleaning. A big thanks to Dave’s Quality Carpet & Upholstery for the deep clean on our carpet and rugs. I anticipated an earlier opening, but it’s still ok. There’s no one there but Anaka and me (not at the same time), and we promise not to muss it up before you return.

Vinyl coverings for handles and loops. Ruth Przyborowski (aka “Mom”) did a bang up job on these handle and loop covers for all the reformers and Cadillac. The surface is less porous and will make it easier to clean as thoroughly as possible. 

Bi-monthly changes of hi-grade air filters.

More deep cleaning of mat area, handles, counters, cubbies, water cooler, Keurig, etc.

We’ll have a no-touch thermometer on hand to check instructors should they start to feel symptoms after arriving at work. We won’t be mandating temperature checks for clients, but it is vital as we re-open that you cancel your appointment, even if it is last minute, if you are presenting any symptoms. You will not be charged for the session.

Things you can expect to see when you return:

  • Instructors wearing masks and gloves
  • A different layout to allow for social distancing
  • Small changes in appointment schedules to reduce bottlenecks at the front door
  • A hard boundary for at least five minutes at the end of each session to allow for more thorough cleaning of the mats and equipment

What you can do:

Thanks, Mom!

Opening up goes both ways, which is why the picture at the top is of many doors instead of one. The most important thing you can do is talk to us. Let me or your instructors know if you think you’ll be open to returning to the studio when we re-open later in May, or if you would prefer to keep things virtual for awhile. 

Also, if you want to make a change in your schedule or work with a different instructor, this is a great time to share this as well. The more we know, the better we can plan our offerings to meet your needs.

As we learn more from the Governor and the Ohio Department of Health, I will send an abbreviated newsletter with updates. Take good care of yourself in the coming weeks as you choose to return to physical workspace, stores, and more.

Optimistically yours,


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