No Fooling, Keep Moving

When I sent out the newsletter (Getting the Jump on Coronavirus) one month ago, I had no idea that in the following four weeks things would progress in the way that they have. Based on conversations that I have had with many of you, the feeling seems to be mutual.

The most recent news suggests the pandemic we are facing in the U.S. will be more of a marathon, even though its pace is remarkably fast.  In the conversations I have had with instructors and clients, the feeling tone has shifted from annoyance over our current limitations to a burgeoning awareness of the scope of the disease and the impact it will have, not over weeks, but possibly months. 

I know it’s April 1st, but no fooling; we need to keep moving.

Here’s three positive reasons why:

  1. Moderate levels of exercise can boost your immune system.
  2. It only takes moderate levels of exercise a couple times a week to maintain the gains you have acquired in your training with us. 
  3. Even a virtual connection is still a social connection, and social engagement matters.

We know we can help you with these three vital outcomes, and for these reasons, we’re taking extra steps in April:

1. Our instructors have added four more classes to the schedule, including:

  • Monday at 6am, Rise & Shine with Patrick
  • Monday, 6pm, Pilates Matwork with Anaka
  • Wednesday at 10am, Pilates Matwork with Kitty
  • Friday at 10am: Pilates Matwork with Anaka (starts April 10th)

2. On the social front instructors will:

  • Open up their Zoom meetings ten minutes early to allow participants some time to check in with each other and also leave the meeting open for people to talk afterward as well. This is also a great opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions to your instructor.
  • Reach out to clients who haven’t been able to take a class to see how you are doing. Not a sales call, we just want to check in. Expect an email, a call, a text. If you haven’t heard from us in the next week, please reply to this email and tell me and I will happily reach out to you.

3. Sunday morning virtual meditation: In the month of April, I’ll be hosting a Sunday morning meditation that starts at 930am. The guided meditation is free and open to anyone. It will consist of:

  • A check in, allowing participants to share how their week is going, and how they are managing life in difficult circumstances
  • Instruction on the basics of mindfulness meditation practices
  • Two or three sitting sessions of 5-10 minutes in length
  • An opportunity to ask questions about meditation and share your experience 

In the right column of this newsletter you can find:

  • A downloadable copy of the monthly class calendar
  • The class list, instructor contact info, how to sign up, pricing/payment info, and how to log on.

My wish for you is the best of health, which means moving your body and maintaining social connections. You may be effectively quarantined, but please don’t let yourself become isolated or trapped in front of the newsfeed. We are here to help. 🙂


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