Virtual Classes at Practice!

We’re not even closed for a week and I am feeling stir crazy! I can’t help but think you are as well. To help you and all our Practice people to move well and feel great during this time of containment and isolation, we are introducing some mat-based virtual classes starting next week and we hope you’ll join us! Classes start Saturday and will run each week until the studio is able to re-open.

Virtual Classes

  • Saturday 10am: Pilates Mat with Kitty Snow
  • Tuesday 7am: Rise & Shine workout with Patrick Przyborowski
  • Tuesday 10am: Pilates Mat Plus! with Jenny McCalip
  • Tuesday 5pm: Bodyweight Strength & Stretch with Anaka Davis
  • Wednesday 6pm: Pilates & Functional Movement Intervals with Patrick 
  • Thursday 7am: Rise & Shine workout with Patrick 
  • Thursday 12pm: Pilates Mat Plus! with Jenny McCalip
  • Tuesday 5pm: Bodyweight Strength & Stretch with Anaka Davis
  • Thursday 5pm: Pilates Mat Plus! with Jenny McCalip

Please note: If you cannot attend any of these classes but would like a class at a different time, please let Patrick know by email at

Class descriptions

  • Pilates Mat: This is primarily a mix of essential and intermediate Pilates mat exercises, with a few advanced patterns for extra measure!
  • Pilates Mat Plus!: Combines the Pilates mat exercises with a healthy does of functional movements, strength work, stretching, and a focus on breathing
  • Rise & Shine Workout: It brings together Pilates, functional movement and traditional calisthenics for a great start to your day: squats, lunges, and get-ups are included!
  • Bodyweight Strength & Stretch: Anaka will bring her considerable experience in strength training, Pilates, and yoga to bear on this active hour of strengthening and lengthening!
  • Pilates & Functional Movement Intervals: Each session includes a warm-up, a breakdown of the exercises for each interval, and then a series of intervals tailored to the participants attending the class.


  • Each class is the cost of our regular mat classes, $14.00. The class will be drawn off your house account if you have one, or it will be subtracted from your mat package if that is what you normally use. 
  • For new and returning clients, the instructor will contact you to confirm your contact information and arrange payment.

How to sign up: 

Just email or text the instructor and let them know you want to attend, and they will add you in to the class. The early cancellation deadline for virtual classes will be 7pm the day before the class:

Logging on

We will be using for our videoconferencing software. Once your instructor has signed up for the class, they will send you the Zoom meeting ID. Go to, and click on “Join a meeting” in the top right corner of the web page.

This will bring up a box, asking for the meeting ID. Enter the meeting ID that your instructor gives to you in the box and then click “Join”. 

Participating in the class:

Once logged in, Zoom will ask you if you want to use computer audio, and you can select yes, though clients will be muted through most of the class, because overlapping voices on the webstream tend to cancel each other out and in this case it’s important to hear the instructors cues. At the start of the class and at the end of the class, the instructor will unmute everyone to check in with you.

Free Move of the Day Videos

For those of you who can’t make the group classes, we still want to make sure you get a little movement in your day. Patrick will be posting an exercise of the day (realistically, every other day), on Facebook, our website, and on our Youtube channel. (Please subscribe!). Here is the link to the first one in the series:

While it may still seem as though the pandemic might blow over in a couple weeks, we at Practice aren’t so sure, and because we always have played the long game when it come to training, we encourage you not to wait, but make a commitment to move well and feel great today!

Best wishes,

Patrick Przyborowski

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