Muscle Soreness, Cramping, and Injury, and What to Do About It

In this Idea Health & Fitness Association article Len Kravitz delves into the past and present theories surrounding muscle cramps. Readers are educated on the various types of muscle cramps and the risk factors associated with their occurrence. 

Intrigued? Read more in the link below! 

What Is the Cause of A Muscle Cramp? 

“For all intents and purposes, muscle soreness is an indicator that you’re working out in a way that is changing the function and even shape of your body.” So, what’s at the core soreness? 

Find out in this Mic article by Tracey Anne Duncan! 

Am I Injured or Just Sore From Working Out

When suffering from muscle soreness, we’ve all reached for an ice pack to reduce swelling and help expedite the healing process. But could we be doing more damage than good? 

Click on the link below to read Lindsay Berra’s article in Men’s Health which touches on recent studies concerning icing injuries. 

The Cold, Hard Truth About Icing Your Injuries

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