Practice Fitness is Now Part of the Peerfit Network!

What is Peerfit?

Peerfit is a tech company that helps Aetna insured clients to sign up for fitness classes approved by their insurance. Peerfit will bill Aetna directly and covers our mat class, group reformer, and jumpboard offerings. The New Journey Package is not covered by Peerfit.

Customer Experience

Peerfitters build their own personalized fitness experiences by receiving a recurring monthly credit package that is paid for by their employer, or by purchasing credits on their own.

They can reserve an offering by exploring schedules or by accepting invitations from a coworker or from one of Peerfit’s Spotter wellness ambassadors.

If Aetna is your provider and your employer sponsors a wellness program that offers Peerfit, you can now take group classes at Practice using Peerfit credits. Pretty cool!


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