Change is in the air this May, or perhaps more precisely it has landed on the roof! It’s hard to overstate the joy I feel right now because, as I type this, the old roof over the studio is being scraped off and will be replaced in days by a new one! 

We experienced our first leaks to the old roof in January of 2009, and as many of you know we have managed as best we could with bandaids, bubblegum and buckets to keep the rain at bay these last 9+ years. We appreciate your patience with us through all of this and we look forward to sharing drier days (at least inside) together in the years to come. 

This month’s newsletter includes a number of changes within the studio: staff changes, new classes, a change in our pricing, and an incentive for writing a review for us in addition to our referral program. 

Finally (or Finally!), a special congrats goes out to our client Arundi Venkayya who gets the prize for the most significant change this spring for marrying her fiance, Gary Pasheilich on Saturday in a beautiful ceremony outside Columbus that Deb and I were fortunate enough to attend. 

Best wishes to you for joyful changes in May! 


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