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Dear Practice Friends,

In mid-October I had the good fortune to attend the Community of Excellence conference held only every three to four years by Merrithew, the company for which I am an Instructor Trainer and also for which Practice Fitness is a hosting center. It’s a global gathering of business owners and Instructor Trainers, where time is divided between updates to the industry, continuing education, and acknowledgment of accomplishments in the field.
I was fortunate to be asked to give a presentation to other hosting center owners from around the globe on business essentials, and it was great to speak with and learn from peers in over 17 countries about best practices for our industry.
Because we teach courses on the weekends when most clients are not in the studio, you may not realize that we have been operating as a professional education center for over three years now, providing courses and continuing education workshops for instructors throughout our region including Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.
I am really proud of the good work we have done thus far, though I continually see Practice Fitness as a work in progress, so it came as a total shock to me when we ended up receiving one of the big awards of the night, the Community of Excellence Award for a Hosting Center, a combination of top performance and support of the Merrithew brand. When I look at the award in the studio, I feel deeply grateful that our efforts are making a difference.
When I say “our” or “we” I am referring generally to everyone who has helped make Practice what it is today, and that includes you, but I want to draw special attention to the people who have made contributions to the success of our hosting, first and foremost being our Director of Education, Joy Karl, who retired from active, regular instructing but has been tirelessly working behind the scenes to help both run the hosting center and at the same time help develop our instructors, leading them through their initial apprenticeships, then coaching them through the ACE personal Training Certification exam prep, and most recently getting a number of them ready for STOTT PILATES certification exams.
I also want to acknowledge the instructors who have come Columbus, Illinois, Iowa and Ontario to bring the highest quality courses and workshops to our region. Stacee Hill, Melissa McNamara, Bob Andersen, and Laureen Dubeau, we could not be doing this without you!
Having now established ourselves as a recognized center for excellence in professional education and development, our goal in 2017 is to expand our offerings in the service of supporting both new and existing instructors throughout the Miami Valley and the tri-state region.
If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Pilates Instructor or personal trainer, please do hesitate to reach out to me (937-609-4170) or Joy (937-371-8176); we would be happy to talk with you.
Best wishes,

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