Joy to the World

Dear Practice Friends,
Just a note to share some holiday Joy with you: after a three month hiatus (which was a lot of work for her!), our very own Joy Karl will return to the studio and begin teaching on December 1st. We have missed her greatly, and we look forward to having her wisdom, her expertise, and her good heart in our lives on a daily basis.

Joy has kept quite busy while recovering from her knee replacement surgery in September. In addition to her rehab and post-rehab strengthening regiments, she completed study, and passed the exam, for the American Council on Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer Certification. If that wasn’t enough, Joy also continued to study yoga this year, and by the end of the month she will complete a 12 month Yoga Master’s Course in classical Ashtanga yoga.

What I love about Joy’s journey this year is her dedication to practice. Her doctors will tell you that she was incredibly compliant with their instructions for recovery and rehab and has exceeded their expectations. Even before her hip surgery in the spring, Joy had laid out a plan for taking the steps necessary for correcting the issues with her hip that affected her gait as well as the pain she experienced in her knee. She also made a plan of home study to make the most of her down time. While there were some bumps along the way, Joy held to her plan and took her exercise and her study one day at a time, with the result being that she is stronger, free of pain, and more knowledgable than she was a year ago. Happily, we will be the beneficiaries of her experience when she returns to our world today.
While I am out of town on my first meditation retreat in many years (long overdue!) until Monday, December 8, Joy will also be acting as studio manager. Should you have any questions please send Joy an email at
On behalf of Annie, Jenny, Joy, Kerry, Kitty and Leslie, I wish you all a very happy holiday. As you wrap up this year, think about what you might like to accomplish in 2015, and let us know how we can help!

Best wishes,

Patrick Przyborowski


Monthly Class Calendar and 2014 Rates

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Class Changes 
The studio will be closed on Thursday, December 25, for Christmas and Thursday, January 1 for the New Year holiday.
Welcome to Practice!
A warm welcome goes out to our newest members of the Practice community, who started with us in November:
Matt Arnovitz
Kari Carpenter
Greg Carr
Linda Chu
Stephanie Lisi
We are thrilled to have you with us. Welcome aboard!
Thank you, Instructors!

On November 16th, Practice offered three two-hour continuing education workshops for STOTT PILATES Instructors that went really well. We had new faces in the studio from Dayton, Louisville, Cincinnati, Lima, Columbus, Hudson, Indianapolis, and even Michigan! We want to thank them for joining us and welcome them to the Practice community:
Sandy Burkley
Allison Dye
Rachel Gleason
Morgan Decker
Sandy Wilson
Maren Aikey
Lisa Moran
Robin McMacken
Karen Schellinger
Rebecca Combs
Kathryn Iammarino
Thanks so much for joining us and please come see us in 2015!
Where in the World is Pat Martin?

Congratulations to Practitioners David Porter, Diana Spiegel and Lucy Downs who all correctly deduced the  location from last month’s photo taken of Pat Martin: Perth Australia.
But Australia wasn’t the only country that Pat visited on his walk about. Do you know where he is in the picture above? Here is a hint from Pat himself:
“This particular national park is best known for its ‘climbing lions,’ i.e. lions in trees (this is not their normal habit).”
If you are good, you will get the country. If you are better, you will get the name of the national park, which includes the name of the lake that is in the background. If you are a rockstar you will tell me the name of the famous conservation area that is west if this national park. Then send me an email and let me know. The first person with the right answer will get their own Practice tee.
OMG, You’re Texting Your Way to Back Pain
Thank so much to Mona Olich, who forwarded me this article from about the effects of texting on our posture. Please hold your phone or iPad at eye level as you read this!

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