A Great Day for a Ride in the Caddy

Dear Practice Friends,

IMG_1895Last weekend, my nephew Alex and I put together the studio’s first Cadillac-Trapeze Table. This is the last major piece of equipment that you will find in most fully outfitted Pilates studios.

The amount of open space we have in the studio is limited and for this reason, when we first opened, I chose to buy Pilates Reformers that have towers on the back that offer a lot of the Cadillac’s functionality without taking up so much room.

However, there are still a lot of really great exercises you can’t do without the horizontal uprights and the trapeze, and it has been on my mind for some time now to buy one. Becoming a hosting facility for Merrithew Health & Fitness last year made the purchase inevitable (We will offer instructor training on the Cadillac in 2015). Finally, Kitty Snow has been begging me for almost six years to get one, and I couldn’t say no to her one more time!

IMG_1897The Cadillac offers an extensive range of applications for everyone from post-rehab clients to athletes. There are over 200 exercises that are part of the STOTT PILATES repertoire, including some really fun ones like the Walk Over, in which you hang upside down from the horizontal bars! The next time you are in the studio tell your instructor you would like to take the Caddy for a spin.

Have a happy Labor Day and a memorable September!

Best wishes,

Patrick Przyborowski

Monthly Class Calendar and 2014 Rates

Practice Rate Card 2014

Class Changes 
The studio will be closed on Monday, September 1st for Labor Day.

Welcome to Practice!

A warm welcome goes out to our newest members of the Practice community, who started with us in August: Kathy Beran, Becky Cacciato, Lucy Downs, Glenna Jennings, Deb Lockhart, Alok Mohan, Dana Pilchik, Georgene Sechrist, Diana Tomas

We are thrilled to have you with us. Welcome aboard!


Instructor News

www.andysnow.comJoy Karl will have a total knee replacement surgery on September 11th, and will be on leave from the studio for three months while she recuperates. We will miss her greatly and wish her a very speedy recovery!

If you would like to send her an email while she is out, please write to her at joyka@woh.rr.com.


Community News

IMG_1810On August 19th we had the employees of the new Lululemon Athletica Showroom in for a round robin event, where they had the opportunity to work with all of the Practice instructors in 15 minute blocks. The Practice team brought their A game to the event and Allison, Jessica and Kari did a great job on Reformer, Stability Chairs, Cadillac and TRX. Good work, Ladies!

Just a reminder, the showroom is at 2533 Far Hills Avenue in Oakwood (2nd floor, above Huffman Travel) and the hours of operation are Thursday through Saturday, 10am – 5pm.

Does Yoga Build Strength?
In the “Ask Well” section of the New York Times website, Gretchen Reynolds responds to the question, “Is yoga sufficient strength exercise for optimal health, or do I have to lift weights in a fitness center?” She shares research from 2012 and 2013 that investigates the degree and type of strength gains from regularly practicing yoga.
Research: How Exercise Helps Us Tolerate Pain
Also from Gretchen Reynolds in the NY Times:
“Regular exercise may alter how a person experiences pain, according to a new study. The longer we continue to work out, the new findings suggest, the greater our tolerance for discomfort can grow.”
The One You’re With
Joy Karl forwarded this fascinating article in The Sun magazine on the work of research psychologist, Barbara Frederickson, whose new book, Love 2.0: Creating Happiness and Health in Moments of Connection, offers a really provocative expansion of the definition of love, where “love blossoms virtually anytime two or more people . . . connect over a shared positive emotion.” Her current research investigates these micro-moments of love.
The Health Risks of Sitting Too Much
Thanks to Joy Karl, who forwarded us this article from grandparents.com that highlights recent research on the deleterious effects of sitting too much. This is the latest study in a mounting body of research on sedentariness. Read it, then go take a walk!
Something to Work Toward!
photo (2)Thanks again to Joy Karl for forwarding this photo. Wow!

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