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Practice News and Calendar July 2014

Dear Practice Friends,

practice wall art_F_Page_2Over the last few months I’ve been sharing with you some ideas on increasing degrees of freedom in our lives in three domains that we work with at Practice. Previously I’ve covered freedom of movement and nutritional freedom, and now finally we come to Cognitive and emotional freedom.

What does it mean to be increasingly free of thoughts and feelings? There are very few occasions in which we ever stop thinking or feeling; shocking news or an amazing vistas can sometimes leave us awestruck, though it is only a moment or two before we react to the stimuli by interpreting it with thoughts and feelings.

Freedom in this instance is about the space we develop between the subject (the thinker/feeler) and the object (thought/feeling). I am pairing thoughts and feelings together with an “/” because in most cases you will find that most thoughts have an emotional undercurrent to them, and most feelings occur for a reason (we were thinking about something when the feeling arose). In the same way that we often don’t notice this intimate relationship between thoughts and feelings, we also often fail to notice that there is a space between the subjective thinker/feeler and the objective thought/feeling.

We are not what we think/feel, or rather we are more than our thoughts and feelings. Thoughts and feelings are something we have, not something we are. We often say when we are angry,”I’m mad,” or “I am upset,” and in doing so we conflate our emotional state with our identity and end up surrendering any self-control we have over it. Like contact lenses, our anger stays so close to us that we seemingly can’t see it. But in retrospect, we can almost always recognize when the anger came, how long it lasted, and when it subsided. So we actually could see it, but we just weren’t aware of it at the time.

Anything you can see is just an object in your awareness. Anger is something you have, not something you are. Thoughts are something that arise in your mind; they appear, stay for a little while, and then disappear. We confuse our thoughts for the mind, but thoughts are just the contents of our mind and the mind is the space in which thoughts and feelings arise.

So how big is this space? Good question. Take a look. Does your mind have walls? Does it have corners? A top or bottom? Is it a particular color? Looking inside to see the space is one very powerful way to to create distance between us and the thoughts and emotions that often cloud our days with worries, distractions, and anxiety, and make things like exercise and eating well so challenging sometimes.

I’m going to suggest that the space of your mind is quite large, and the space that you give your thoughts and emotions, allowing them to flow through without grasping on to them, is directly related to degrees of freedom you experience in your daily life. When we have space, life feels easier. It’s easier not to sweat the small stuff, and the big stuff looks much smaller in relation to the newly discovered room in your mind. What’s more, you actually find that you can accomplish more because you worry less. Your workouts will be more effective because you can spend more time on focusing on what you are doing rather than being distracted.

Creating headspace falls within the purview of meditation. In the future I very much plan to offer meditation workshops at the studio, but for those of you who would like to get started now, I can recommend a wonderful website and app Just 10 minutes a day can have a huge positive impact on your wellbeing and your sense of freedom. Independence Day can take on a whole new meaning should we take  a few minutes to make some space in our minds.


Best wishes,

Patrick Przyborowski


Monthly Class Calendar and 2014 Rates

Practice Calendar July 2014

Practice Rate Card 2014


Class Changes 

The studio will be closed on Friday for the July 4th holiday.


Welcome to Practice!

A warm welcome goes out to our newest members of the Practice community, who started with us in June: Conor Crippen, Nancy Mohan, Marge Pellegrino, Patty Schimpf, Jo Smith, Beth Sudkamp

We are thrilled to have you with us. Welcome aboard!


Lululemon Showroom Opening in Oakwood!

luluIf you didn’t catch it in the DDN, a Lululemon Athletica Showroom will be opening in approximately 4-5 weeks at 2533 Far Hills Avenue in Oakwood (2nd floor, above Huffman Travel). Showroom manager and Dayton native Allison Brown visited Practice this week and said she is thrilled for the opportunity to make Lululemon a success in the Gem City.

Click here for a link to the Lululemon Dayton Showroom Facebook page, where you can get updates on the opening day. The showroom hours will be Thursday through Saturday from 10am to 5pm. They will offer free Pilates and Yoga classes on Saturdays at 9a. Look for guest appearances from your Practice instructors 🙂

The showroom concept is one Lululemon Athletica has used to great effect in exploring new markets to enter. They use a number of variables to determine if they want to build out a full store in the area, “though consistent sales is a big factor,” says Brown. If you would like to have a full Lululemon Store in Dayton, then please like their Facebook page and please give them your support. If you have specific questions for Allison, you can email her at


World Cup 2014 Continues with Quarter Finals on July 4th

FIFI World Cup 2014Though the U.S. is out, there are some of the best games of the tournament ahead, starting Friday with France vs. Germany at 12p and Brazil vs. Columbia at 4p. click here for the complete match schedule.


Ending the War on Fat

Time magThis article from Time, is a well written synopsis of the thesis offered by Gary Taube in his 2007 seminal book, Good Calories, Bad Calories, a devastating critique of the history U.S. Dietary recommendations and the food industry.

The link below takes you to Time’s 5+ minute video recap of the article that appeared in the most recent issue of the magazine.

Ending the War on Fat


Re-thinking the Bandhas of Yoga

TVAThanks so much to our yoga instructor Annie Booth who shared this article that provides a great overview of the structure and function of the core musculature that we use for both yoga and Pilates

Re-thinking the Bandhas of Yoga


Research: For Fitness, Push Yourself

From Gretchen Reynolds at the NY Times Phys Ed section:

Intense exercise changes the body and muscles at a molecular level in ways that milder physical activity doesn’t match, according to an enlightening new study.

For Fitness, Push Yourself


Muscle Mass Beats BMI as Longevity Predictor

Thank you to Michael Kunesh who forwarded us this fascinating article in Scientific American by reporter Christopher Intagliata, in which “a long-term study of more than 3,600 seniors found that more muscle mass was a better predictor of survival than was moderate body mass index.”

Muscle Mass Beats BMI as Longevity Predictor


Instructor Training: Intensive Cadillac  to Begin in August  

SP_Equipment-28Once a foundation in Matwork and Reformer programming has been established, this course is the next step in enhancing your exercise repertoire.  Learn how to challenge clients to help them reach their conditioning goals, while diversifying programming and building workouts with impact on the Cadillac Trapeze Table.

This 25 hour course will be taught over two weekends:

  • August 22-24
  • September 6-7

Course cost is $890 and support materials are $225. Receive a 10% early bird discount if you register before July 25th!

Click here for a flyer with complete details

If you are interested or have questions, please contact Patrick Przyborowski at, or by cell phone at (937) 609-4170.

Space is limited to 12 people per course.




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