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Dear Practice Friends,

mtn bikerOver the weekend I had the good fortune go mountain biking with veteran biker David Treese (thank you, David!) on the John Bryan mountain biking trails in Yellow Springs. It was so much fun!

In addition to the scenery (excellent) and the camaraderie (also excellent), and the endorphins (better than dark chocolate), was the feeling of elation that came from connecting to a deep sense of purpose, one that I had discovered for myself over thirteen years ago while living in NYC. At that time, I had a number of insights about the things in my life that were very meaningful to me, one of which had to do with the joy of moving. I made a promise to keep moving fluidly for as long as I can, and to help others do the same.

It shouldn’t be surprising to you then to read that, at Practice, we take the long view when it comes to exercise. Pilates, yoga, strength training with an emphasis on functional movement, we teach these methods in order to help you achieve the strength, balance, flexibility and stamina that you need to keep you moving, not only for 2013, but for the rest of your life…if you choose it.

Being able to move freely is a great gift, one that is easy to take for granted until something comes along to hinder it, and then we miss it terribly. To help you take the long view on your training, and to help keep the gift of movement fresh in your mind, ask yourself the following questions, and jot down the answers on an index card or post-it note that you can keep in your top dresser drawer or on the corner of your computer screen:

How long do you plan to live?

What percentage of that time would you like to be able to:
Ride a bike?
Balance on one leg?
Bend down to tie your shoes?
Get up from the floor without a handhold?
Turn to look behind you without moving your feet?

Are you willing to train your body regularly to do these activities?

What other goals might you have that are meaningful for you?

The answers to these questions are personal to be sure, but if you feel it is appropriate, I invite you to share them confidentially with your instructor, or with me, as they can help us to tailor your programming to meet your short-term goals and achieve a lifetime purpose.

Best wishes,

Patrick Przyborowski



where to buy ivermectin online Monthly Class Calendar and 2013 Rates

Practice Calendar June 2013

Practice Rate Card 2013 

Class Changes

The 830 am Group Reformer Class on Wednesdays will now begin at 9am for the summer

The Group Reformer class at 8 am on Saturdays is discontinued for the summer


Yoga After 50

Kelly Courtier, in the NYTimes, writes about how Yoga teachers are responding to the growing number of longtime practitioners who are raising questions about the best way to continue a yoga practice into midlife and beyond.

Yoga after 50


Research: Can Cholesterol Drugs Undo Exercise Benefits?

One more time from Gretchen Reynolds and the NY Times: “An important new study suggests that statins, the cholesterol-lowering medications that are the most prescribed drugs in the world, may block some of the fitness benefits of exercise, one of the surest ways to improve health.”

Statins and Exercise


The Scientific 7-Minute Workout

One of the best articles ever from the NY Times Well section, it highlights research on High Intensity Circuit Training (HICT). From Gretchen Reynolds:

“In 12 exercises deploying only body weight, a chair and a wall, it fulfills the latest mandates for high-intensity effort, which essentially combines a long run and a visit to the weight room into about seven minutes of steady discomfort, all of it based on science.”

Scientific 7-Minute Workout

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