Practice News and Calendar – March (2013)

Dear Practice Friends,

Kitty & Joy practice

Kitty & Joy practice

Last month, we had a staff meeting devoted primarily to the issue of safety here at Practice. We asked, what can we do to make things safer for our clients and our staff at the studio? The ensuing brainstorming session led us to consider safety in a number of contexts, including facilities, flu/cold prevention, weather hazards, client records and programming. Here are some of the changes that we will be incorporating into our operations which will help to make Practice an even safer environment for everyone:

Bill Korb of KFD

Bill Korb of KFD

CPR/AED Certification for all instructors – Last week Bill Korb, firefighter and paramedic for the Kettering Fire Department took us through CPR and Automated External Defibrillation (AED) training here at Practice. We will be purchasing an AED device for the studio in April.

Parking lot safety – In addition to checking in with our landlord proactively before snow and ice storms hit to make sure the lots are salted, we will call or text you to remind you to use extra care when parking and walking across the lot.

Also, for our night classes, we want to make sure that both clients and instructors feel safe in leaving the studio after dark. We have contacted the Washington Twp. Police and have requested a drive by 5-10 minutes after the end of the last session, and we are equipping our female instructors with pepper spray and horns.

Equipment safety – Velcro straps have been added to the towers of the Reformers to anchor the push thru bars in the lifted position, in order to prevent clients from bumping their head while using the jumpboard.

Disease prevention and client health status updates – In order to allow time for instructors to wash their hands between client sessions and update a client’s records with any changes in their health status, we will now more strictly adhere to our policy of a 55 minute session length (or 25 minute session lengths for half hour appointments), with the session beginning at the top of the hour (or half-hour) and finishing 5 minutes before the end of of the hour. After helping us to wipe down the equipment, we will encourage you to wash your hands or use some of the antibacterial gel that we keep in the cubbies and bathrooms. We also ask you to regularly let us know if you have changes in your health status, which, in addition to musculoskeletal injuries, includes issues related to your heart, lungs, circulation, hearing, and vision.

Additionally, we welcome suggestions from you. If you have an idea about something we can implement here at the studio to make our environment safer, please share with us by letting your instructor know, or email me at

Thank you again for all your support. Also, I want to wish a special welcome to our newest members of the Practice community who started with us in February:

Jeff Gill, Jan Ridinger, Amanda Russ, and Vickie White

Best wishes,

Patrick Przyborowski



Monthly Class Calendar and 2013 Rates

Practice Calendar 3-2013

Practice Rate Card 2013


Class Changes

No changes for March, hooray!

Free Mat Class!

Our newest instructor, Jenny McCalip, will be teaching a free Pilates matwork class on Monday, March 4th at 7p. Please join us!


Community News

Fifth Street Brewpub to open in Dayton in historic St. Anne’s Hill


Dayton will soon be the home of the second co-op brewpub in the U.S. and you can be a part of it! The Fifth Street Brewpub was founded by Dayton entrepreneurs, community members, and a hometown master brewer who want to make great craft beer right here, and they are still looking for new members. Both Leslie and Patrick have become members. Would you like to join us? Click here for membership details!

The next FSB open house will be held on March 16th, from 1-6pm at the brepub at 1600 E. Fifth Street, Dayton, OH 45403. Come join us!


5 More Fitness Myths That Need to Go Away for Good

This very good article is from ACE (American Council on Exercise) and provides an excellent list of references which lend support to their argument.

Here is a teaser, Myth #4: Myth #4: Women who want to avoid looking bulky should avoid resistance training.

Read on!

5 More Fitness Myths That Need to Go Away


Research:Getting Into Your Exercise Groove

From Gretchen Reynolds in the NY Times “Well” column: “A series of recent studies involving runners, walkers, metronomes and virtual reality curtains suggests that while the tug of physiological laziness is strong, it can be controlled, or at least tweaked, with some conscious effort — and perhaps your iPhone playlist.”

Getting into your exercise groove


Turning Gyms Into Lifestyle Brands

Barbara Haley was kind enough to forward this great article on the relationship between the place where you work out and the lifestyle choices you make, and how some boutique studios are marketing products to promote their brand. “Practice” nail polish, anyone?”

Turning gyms into lifestyle brands


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