Practice News and Calendar – December (2012)

fatefully Dear Practice Friends,

I must confess, I always feel like a contrarian when December arrives because I love winter weather (where is it, by the way?). The holidays are nice to be sure, but it is the bite in the morning air that feels to me like a homecoming.

I am also sentimental about December because it represents my anniversary for teaching Pilates, now nine years and over 10,000 teaching hours completed. Strangely, I feel that I am just getting under way. One of the many things I love about Pilates is the way in which the work continues to evolve; the repertoire continues to expand, while my understanding and appreciation of the method continues to deepen. I feel extremely lucky because I love what I do: I’m paid to make a difference in the lives of others. And I get to work in a beautiful environment with amazing clients (like you) and wonderful colleagues. It is a dream job.

Starting in 2013, as I begin my added role as an Instructor Trainer for STOTT PILATES®, I am hoping to offer that dream to others. Practice is growing, and we are looking for wonderful people who believe in the principles of mindful exercise and want to share them with others. Our quest for talent begins at home with those who know us and love us best. Can you see yourself as a teacher? Do you know someone who is a great fit for the studio? If you can answer yes or even maybe to either of those questions, please come talk to me.

Thank you again for all your support. Also, I want to wish a special welcome to our newest members of the Practice community who started with us in November:
Lynn Huelsman, Edward & Meg Hughes, Daron Jones, James Morgan, Karen Myers, Kate Quinttus, and Linda Vickmanis

Wishing you a peaceful, wonderful holiday,

Patrick Przyborowski Monthly Class Calendar

Practice Calendar December 2012

Parnas No Rate Changes for 2013
Rates for both appointments and group classes will stay the same for 2013. Thank you once again for loyalty and support. We look forward to serving you with the best fitness instruction in the greater Dayton area for our fifth year in business.

Practice 2013 Rate Card

Class Changes for December

The studio will be closed for the Christmas and New Year holidays.The Monday Matwork class at 7p is cancelled for Christmas and New Year’s Eves.Evening classes on Thursday, December 13th are also cancelled.The Thursday Group Reformer class moves to 1130am starting Dec. 6th.


Ever thought of becoming a STOTT PILATES® instructor? Let’s Make it happen!

As mentioned in last month’s newsletter, Patrick, will start co-teaching his first course as a STOTT PILATES® Instructor Trainer in January. The course, Intensive Matwork Plus (IMP), covers the entire essential and intermediate repertoire for Pilates Matwork. It will be taught at the Pilates Studio of Central Ohio in Dublin over two weekends (Thursday to Sunday), January 17-20, and February 7-10.

If you have ever thought of becoming a Pilates instructor, or know someone else who has considered it, this is a great course with which to begin. Please contact Patrick at for further information.


$9 Sale on Tees and Toesox!

During the month of December we are offering our Focus and Awareness tees for only $9 each.
We are also offering our Toesox, any color or size, for $9/pair. Get them while supplies last!



Out with the old(ish)…

To make room for the new mats and foam rollers that will go out in the second week of December, we are giving away our current stock of Pilates/yoga mats and foam rollers (all of which are still in great shape) to our active clients, first come, first serve. If you are interested in providing a good home for a mat or foam roller, please let your instructor know.


How Sick Do You Have to be to Skip Going to the Studio?

Pete Haley was kind enough to forward this article from the Wall Street Journal online, giving some sage advice on when it’s ok to go the gym (or studio) for a workout when you are sick and, more importantly, when it is not.

At Practice, we err on the side of caution. If you are feeling unwell, there is no charge for late cancelling, though please try to give us as much notice as possible so we can try to find someone else to take up your time slot.

How Sick Do You Need to be…


Research: Two Important Studies on Alzheimer’s Disease
Two articles relaying research on factors for Alzheimer’s disease came out in the last month. The first, from The New York Times, shows evidence that brain deterioration can begin 20 years before cognitive decline presents itself:

Alzheimers Precursors Evident in Brain at Early Age

Also from the New York Times, comes an article summarizing  a pair of fascinating studies that have found a genetic mutation that inhibits the immune system’s abilities to prevent the build up of Amyloid plaques, a factor strongly associated with Alzheimer’s related dementia.

Alzheimer’s Tied to Mutation Harming Immune Response


Research: Can Exercise Protect the Brain from Fatty Foods?

From Gretchen Reynolds in the NY Times “Well” column, comes news of a recent study with rats that demonstrates the prevention of cognitive decline that occurs in lab animals when fed diets consisting of 40% fats. Before you put butter on that babka, check this out:

Can Exercise Protect the Brain from Fatty Foods?

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