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Dear Practice Friends,

This month, in addition to links to the latest research on exercise and nutrition as well as our latest class calendar, I want to extend a plea for your support of a wonderful organization, the Alzheimer’s Association, and their annual awareness and fund raising event, the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, on September 22nd.

A member of our Practice community, Judy Wyatt, the owner of Whispers Home, is a team captain and I have offered her our assistance in helping her to meet her goal for the walk. Both Judy and I have lost a parent to Alzheimer’s disease, and we have also received incredible support, information and guidance from the staff of the Miami Valley chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. We both know firsthand how devastating this disease can be, not only for the affected individual, but for the family and friends as well. We are acutely aware of the rising tide of Alzheimer’s and the dual imperatives of advancing research for a cure and providing support for the families and communities of those stricken with dementia.

Here is a synopsis of some of the things that donations to the Alzheimer’s Association goes toward:

  • Enhancing care and support. The Alzheimer’s Association works on a global, national and local level to enhance care and support for all those affected by Alzheimer’s and related dementia.
  • Advancing research. As the largest, private non-profit funder of Alzheimer’s research, the Association is committed to accelerating progress of new treatments, preventions and ultimately, a cure.  Through partnerships and funded projects, they have been part of every major research advancement over the past 30 years.
  • Advocacy. The Association is the leading voice for Alzheimer’s disease advocacy, fighting for critical Alzheimer’s research, prevention and care initiatives at the state and federal level.  They diligently work to make Alzheimer’s a national priority

Would you consider making a donation? Clicking on the Alzheimer’s Association banner below will take you to Judy Wyatt’s “Team Whispers” page where you can make a pledge:

You can also click here to go the website for the Alzheimer’s Association for more information about the national organization.

Thank you again for all your support, in this timely endeavor as well as in your choice to make Practice your partner in health and fitness.

Best, wishes,

Patrick Przyborowski



Monthly Class Calendar and 2012 Rates

Practice Calendar August 2012

Practice Rate Card 2012


Class Changes

Yoga classes on Thursday, August 23rd at 9a and 6p are cancelled.


The Couch Potato Goes Global

From the New York Times’ Well Blog, Gretchen Reynolds shares with us the results of

several studies which show that, not only are rates of obesity spreading around the globe, but one significant cause of this is “voluntary physical inactivity.”

The Couch Potato Goes Global


What Really Makes Us Fat

Science Writer Gary Taubes, author of “Good Calories, Bad Calories,” and “Why We Get Fat, And What To Do About It,” wrote an article in the Editorial section of the New York Times in early July, highlighting a new study performed by Dr. David Ludwig of Boston Children’s Hospital and his collaborators, in which he address some the the most important questions related to weight management: “What actually causes obesity? Why do we get fat in the first place? Too many calories? Or something else?”

What Really Makes Us Fat


The Men’s Health Urbanathlon: Come run, jump, crawl and climb with us!

A number of members of the Practice community, both men and women, have signed up for the Men’s Health Urbanathlon in Chicago on October 13th. It’s a 9 to 10 mile run through the city plus 7 obstacle courses. A great challenge and a great reason to visit the Windy City! Come join us. You can enter as an individual or as a 3 person relay team.

Please contact Patrick at with any questions you may have.

Men’s Health Urbanathlon


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