Practice News and Calendar July 2012

Dear Practice Friends,

Wow, it’s hot out there! It goes without saying that you will want to stay hydrated in weather like this, but allow me to be more specific. Here are some recommendations for fluid intake during exercise*:

  • 2 hours prior to exercise, drink 17-20 oz.
  • Every 10-20 minutes during exercise, drink 7-10 oz., or, preferably, drink based on sweat losses
  • Following exercise, drink 16-24 oz. for every pound of body weight lost.

Also, for those of us who like to exercise outside during the summer, even if it is early morning, it is vital that you be aware of the potential risk of heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Click on the names for links to the Mayo Clinic website that lists both symptoms and first-aid treatment.

Finally, thank you again for all your support, and also a warm welcome goes out to our new practitioners in June:

Brooke Aveyard, Bethany Galbraith, Allison Lake, Breanna Porter, and Karen Williams.

Happy 4th of July!

Patrick Przyborowski


*Casa, D.J. et al. (2000). National Athletic Trainer’s Association: Position  Statement: Fluid replacement for athletes. Journal of Athletic Training, 35, 212-224


Monthly Class Calendar and 2012 Rates

Practice Calendar July 2012

Practice Rate Card 2012


Class Changes

The Studio will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th for the holiday.

Yoga classes on Thursday, July 5th at 9a and 6p are cancelled. There will be an extra yoga class on Friday July 6th at 12p with Joy.


The Men’s Health Urbanathlon: Come run, jump, crawl and climb with us!

A number of members of the Practice community, both men and women, have signed up for the Men’s Health Urbanathlon in Chicago on October 13th. It’s a 9 to 10 mile run through the city plus 7 obstacle courses. A great challenge and a great reason to visit the Windy City! Come join us. You can enter as an individual or as a 3 person relay team.

Please contact Patrick at with any questions you may have.

Men’s Health Urbanathlon


Craving Carbs on an Empty Stomach

From the New York Times’ Well Blog, author Anahad O’Connor shares with us the results of a new study showing “that people who sit down to eat after an overnight fast are more likely to ignore protein, fats and vegetables and head straight for high-calorie carbohydrates and starches first.”

Craving Carbs on an Empty Stomach


Moderation as the Sweet Spot for Exercise

NY Times Columnist Gretchen Reynolds offers the provocative results of several studies that suggest that moderate (in terms of duration) cardiovascular exercise may be better over the long haul than extreme distance running.

Moderation as the Sweet Spot for Exercise

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