December News (2011)

Dear Practice Friends,

Happy Holidays from Practice!

On behalf of all the staff at Practice, I want to wish you and your family a very happy holiday. We are deeply grateful to the members of our community who have been with us since we opened three years ago, and we are equally grateful to the new practitioners who have joined us along the way. We continue to get positive feedback each week from clients who describe the culture of our studio as positive, encouraging, optimistic, and challenging in a supportive way. You are as much a part of what makes the Practice culture special as we are, and for that we thank you a hundred times over!

Thanks also to everyone who patiently received their postural analysis in November. This is the first step in a series of initiatives for 2012-2013 to provide you with increasingly better programming, based partly on assessment methods like the postural analysis, as well as feedback from you about your goals and desires. In January we will be asking clients to fill out a brief questionnaire designed to help you identify some tangible goals for the new year. If you haven’t yet had a postural analysis, but would like to have one, please reply to this email and I will be happy to line you up with an instructor.

There are a couple of significant changes coming to the studio in January that I want to draw your attention to: We were fortunate over the last two years to be able to maintain our current pricing, but owing to rising costs we will need to increase appointments and classes by $2 this year. This will make it possible for us to maintain the high quality of both our facilities and our instruction. We understand that price increases are never easy. We hope this won’t present you with a hardship. Please click on the link below for a PDF of our new rates for 2012.

We are also introducing a Senior Instructor Position at Practice. Instructors who apply the principles of practice – awareness, focus, self-discipline and creativity – over thousands of hours of teaching, acquire a depth of experience that they share with their clients directly as well as with the other instructors, who in turn share it with their clients. The idea of a practice lineage is an integral part of the philosophy of the studio, one that will yield increasing gains in terms of the quality of instruction you receive. Please click on the link below for a PDF of the full announcement.

Finally, thank you again for all your support, and also a warm welcome goes out to our new practitioners in November: Amanda Bryant, Sarah Butterbaugh, Amiee Calabrese, Suzie Cox, Helen Guste, Mary Haley, Jessica Hanchak, Patti Ruegsegger, and Melissa Ungerleider

Best wishes,

Patrick Przyborowski


New Senior Instructor Position at Practice Starting in 2012, we will take another step toward creating a lineage of world-class instructors by establishing a Senior Instructor (SI) position at Practice. Please click here for a PDF copy of the full announcement, including the criteria for the new position, a brief bio for our first SI, Patrick Przyborowski, as well as the new rates for Senior Instructors.  


New Rates for 2012

Please click here for a PDF copy of our new Rate Card for 2012, which includes pricing for instructors and senior instructor.  


Monthly Class Calendar: Practice Calendar December 2011  


Class Changes

  • The studio is closed on Saturday, December 24th.
  • Pilates Matwork is cancelled on Monday, December 26th at 7p. The studio will be open on the 26th in the morning for appointments. Please inquire with your instructor the next time you are in!

Continuing and Very Cool…

NEW 30 Min. Jumpboard class on Thursdays at 530p: Energize yourself with a fantastic aerobic workout on the reformer. The Pilates Jumpboard workout offers heart-pumping moves that build strength and burn calories without the high impact of step aerobics. The maximum number of students per class is 4. Classes can be reserved up to one week in advance, online or by phone.

NEW 30 Min. TRX class on Wednesdays at 6p: The TRX Suspension Trainer offers a new category of exercise for people of all abilities that leverages your own bodyweight and gravity to build strength, balance, flexibility and joint stability. It’s a great complement to Pilates Reformer work, matwork and yoga. This swiftly paced class will help you lengthen and strengthen your whole body in 30 minutes. 6 students max. Classes can be reserved up to one week in advance.

Practice Abroad!

Where in the World are Debby and Bob?

Bob and Debby Goldenberg traveled half way around the planet to take this wonderful picture in their Practice wear.  Can you guess where where they are? Be the first to reply with the correct country to win your very own Practice tee. Here’s a hint: A landlocked country in south Asia, predominantly Buddhist, its government and citizens promote the idea of GNP: Gross National Happiness.

Would you like to have your very own Practice tee for free? Here’s 2 ways to get one:

  1. Take a trip somewhere, and let us know that you would be willing to take a pic in a fun location (preferably not standing in front of a sign that gives away your location!) and submit it to us for the Practice Abroad feature in our newsletter. We’ll give you a tee to take with you on your trip.
  2. Be the first to figure out where the current Practitioner is in their photo. Reply by email to Patrick at The first correct respondent wins a free tee!


Research: Protein’s Impact on Keeping us Thin and Awake Check out this article from Medical News Today, which features the results of a new study at the University of Cambridge on the impact of amino acids on wakefulness and energy expenditure: “A new study has found that protein and not sugar activates the cells responsible for keeping us awake and burning calories. The research, published in the scientific journal Neuron, has implications for understanding obesity and sleep disorders.” Medical News Today: Protein, Not Sugar, Stimulates Cells Keeping Us Thin And Awake, New Study Suggests  


Research: How Exercise Benefits the Brain Check out this article from Tara Parker-Pope’s “Well” Column in the New York Times: “New research suggests that surges in a brain protein after exercise may play a particular role in improving memory and recall.” Well: How Exercise Benefits the Brain   Where Practice Falls Short We feel it’s important to present multiple viewpoints in our ongoing exploration of the power and efficacy of practice. To that end, check out this well-written and instructive article from The New York Times’ Sunday Review, Op-Ed section, in which authors David Z. Hambrick and Elizabeth J. Meinz remind us of the significance of talent. New York Times: Sorry, Strivers: Talent Matters  


Let it Snow, Let it Snow… Skip Snow won the Society of Seniors’ Ralph Bogart tournament in Vero Beach, FL yesterday! From his statistician, cheerleader, travel manager and wife, Kitty Snow: “Skip came from five shots back and leapfrogged four men to win the tournament in very windy conditions. So exciting!” We agree. Congrats, Skip!


Turkey Trot Completed!

It was great to see Practice friends and family down at the run in Miamisburg last Thursday. Pictured above are Patrick with his mom, sister, two nieces and nephew. Three generations of Trotters! There were over 8,000 participants this year, a new record. Jim Beyer, Julie Beyer’s husband (see Julie below), came in 4th place this year, finishing in 26:24. That’s a 5:24 pace. Wow, great job, Jim!  


New Artwork Arrives!

In honor of our third anniversary in November, Practice commissioned local fabulous artist, Julie Beyer, to create a new painting for our studio. She is pictured here with her son, Hank, and the new work that hangs just above the bench at our entrance. Thank you, Julie, you did a fantastic job! To see more of Julie’s paintings, check out her gallery by clicking here.  


Clean Carpets! While changing out the springs and rollers on all the reformers, we took the opportunity to have the carpets cleaned by the team that does it best: Ewing Floor Maintenance. Thanks go out to Pete Hagar and the rest of the Ewing team for doing a great job!


Sofa for a Good Home! Patty MacDonald has a 90″, 3 cushion couch that she would like to give to someone who needs one. It is beige with navy accents and is in good shape, a perfect couch for the basement. If you are interested please email to Patrick at and he will forward you Patty’s contact info.

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