August News (2011)

Dear Practice Friends,

We’ve had a busy month here, in spite of vacations from many of our regular clients. While on my own vacation with my partner Deb, I finally got to take my first Pilates session at the STOTT Pilates main studio in Toronto, Canada. It was great! Thank you to my instructors for doing such a great job in my absence and thank you for being willing to share your class time to accommodate everyone.

We do have some class changes this month so please see below. As always, you can print off the August calendar for all of our class offerings for August by clicking on the link in the column to the right.

We had a wonderful crop of new clients show up on the scene last month, owing partly to our Living Social promotion for new clients, as well as from referrals from our veteran practitioners. Welcome Stacy Besecker, Matt Carpenter, Anna Clarke, Joyce Cludy, Gloria Goldman, Heather Wagner, Sharon Kaper, Annie Miller, Molly Shanks, Dona Niswonger, Jean Peterson, Ione Potter, Jacob Richter, Nicole Richter, Janet Shanks, Sarah Shanks, Susan Smallwood, Denise Staebler, Mercedes Steiger, Kerry Ulery, and Annette White!

Best wishes,

Patrick Przyborowski


Class Changes

  • No Yoga-Pilates Fusion on Thursday, Aug. 4th
  • Hatha Yoga on Tues., August 2nd at 7p, and Thursday, August 4th, at 9a will be taught by Cindy Mills.

We’re thrilled to have Cindy teaching Joy’s Hatha Yoga classes while she in on vacation the first week of August.

Cindy is a native of Ohio and founder of Harmony House Yoga and Wellness Center in Powell, OH.  More recently, Cindy is living and practicing in Dayton. She is certified in Hatha yoga as well as Senior and Laughter yoga, Yoga for Golfers, and Pilates Matwork. She is a member of Yoga Therapy Association and Yoga Alliance. Cindy is also a certified Wellness Coach and Hypnotherapist. Check out her coaching website:

Well Health for Life


Instructors Attend Advanced Training

Kitty Snow and Joy Karl recently attended advanced coursework for the Cadillac, Stability Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector and Arc Barrel. They said their training was excellent. Some of you have already received the benefit of their training: Good stuff!


Research: How Exercise Can keep the Brain Fit

From the NY Times Well column, this article details recent findings on the effects of even moderate levels of activity and its effect on cognitive decline. Keep moving!

How Exercise Can Keep the Brain Fit


Ella Bella Cookies

When Mandy Groszko’s daughter Ella was found to have a gluten intolerance, she set out to find products that were both gluten free and good tasting. Says Mandy:

“I wanted to make sure she enjoyed all the food her big sister did. I was very disappointed in the chocolate chip cookies available. So I started making my own. Now I want to share my yummy cookies with you. Enjoy the best cookies around, which just happen to be gluten free!”

They’ve passed Patrick’s taste test (2 times) with flying colors. Please contact Mandy at Also:

Ella Bella Cookies


Monthly Class Calendar

Practice Calendar for August 2011

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