June News (2011)

Dear Practice Friends,

The sun has arrived at last! It seems that nature has decided to repay our lack of ultraviolet rays with interest; please wear your sunblock while working or playing outside! With the clouds parted, it becomes possible to see just how verdant the Dayton area has become this spring. Grass, trees, flowers and weeds are bursting into view.

I’m happy to say that May was also a time of growth for Practice. On behalf of everyone in our community, I’d like to wish a warm welcome to our new clients:

Benedict Davis

Julie Beyer

Karen Button

Lindsey Clark

Liz Connelly

Michelle Daniel

Renee Hopson

Sally McIntyre

Janet McKinley

Colleen Ohl

Kristen Schlegel

Terry Wheaton

Thank you to everyone who participated in our May promotion for half-off on group classes. I hope you enjoyed adding a second (or sometimes third!) workout to your week with Practice. We will run the promotion again later in the summer.

Finally please check out our new Yoga-Pilates Fusion class with Joy, starting on June 9th!

Best wishes,

Patrick Przyborowski


Class Changes

  • NEW Yoga-Pilates Fusion Class on Thursdays at 530p, starting June 9th! Joy Karl, our only instructor certified in yoga and Pilates, will begin teaching a wonderful integration of Hatha Yoga and Pilates Matwork. Add more strength to your stretch and vice versa! The class is open to all levels, and pricing will be the same as for all our yoga and Pilates matwork classes.
  • The Hatha Yoga class on Friday at 9am is moving to Thursday mornings at 9a, starting June 24th.

New Practice Tees are in!

They look great and fit very well! Women’s v-neck tees come in black or pink and have “awareness” in reverse on the front, reminding you to check in with your body and mind whenever you catch your reflection in a mirror or window. Men’s crew neck tees come in black and remind the wearer to “focus” during workouts and beyond. Both men’s and women’s tees are $16.

Special note from Patrick to all our male clients : Men, I have extensively polled the female clients of our studio and 100% agree that they would prefer to see you in a new focus tee over a knappy, sweat (or grass) stained, threadbare shirt that you wore proudly in the 1980’s. I’m just sayin’.


Joseph Pilates Film Footage from 1932

Here is a Youtube link to footage of Joseph Pilates as a young man in 1932, demonstrating matwork exercises outdoors. Take a look!

Joseph Pilates in 1932


Research: Activity Changes in Workplace Contributes to American Waistlines

From the NY Times’ “Well” column, check out this fascinating article on declining physical activity in the workplace, and its contribution to the obesity epidemic in the U.S.

Inactivity research at workplace


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