April News (2011)

Dear Practice Friends,

Two fridays ago, Practice was fortunate enough to be included briefly in the Dayton Daily News (DDN) in an article about the benefits of Pilates. DDN reporter Robin McMacken is doing a year long series on health and wellness for the Life section each week and was kind enough to contact me about a new article related to spring cleaning for your body and soul, which should appear on April 8th. Please look for us!

In essence, spring cleaning achieves two goal simultaneously. First, it’s an opportunity to free ourselves of “clutter” that no longer works us. On the surface, clutter can be the clothes in your closet that you don’t wear, or the magazines on your shelf that you know you won’t read. It can also be the extra weight from the holidays and winter that sneaked up on you. But looking a little deeper, we can start to see that clutter can be habits of our mind or ways of being in the world that have outlived their usefulness. Here’s one cognitive script that I have to throw out every spring: “When I was in my twenties, I could eat an entire pumpkin pie.”

Second, spring cleaning also creates the much needed space for us to bring those things into our lives that are helpful. Sometimes the space itself is just what we need, clearing out the junk and cobwebs in our garages, our bodies, and our minds can be hugely therapeutic. But this space can also act as a launchpad for a healthier lifestyle, new friendships, or a passion pursued. In this sense, spring cleaning can help us spring forward.

Best wishes to you in your clean up this month!

Patrick Przyborowski



Class Changes

No class changes for April. Yay!!


Instructors Complete Injuries Course

Congrats to Kitty, Joy and Patrick who completed their four day course on injuries and special populations with Stott Pilates. All of the Practice instructors have now completed the course. We’re better prepared than ever to help clients who may be finishing up with rehab following an injury and are looking for a vital next step, or perhaps have a chronic condition like arthritis and need instruction on how to exercise safely and effectively.


Meadowlark coming soon!

No, we don’t have it from the horses mouth, but we walk over to window peek regularly to check on progress and the sign on the door now says they will open in Lamplighter Square (at the old Madison’s location) in April for sure. Cross your fingers!


Community News: Patrick to speak at Junior League of Dayton meeting

Patrick will be giving a 30 minute presentation to Junior League members on “The Art of Balancing Work and Life,” Tuesday, April 12th.

Practice Calendar 4-2011

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