March News (2011)

Dear Practice Friends,

In the coming weeks you will see some new art on the long wall underneath the TRX bar. The four new images (coming soon!) symbolize core principles of practice that are germinating in our organization: awareness, focus, self-discipline, and creativity. Look around the studio, and you will begin to notice their influence in everything from the physical environment to the teaching styles of our instructors and the quality of the instruction we offer to you. Look within, and you may be delighted to find these principles taking root or even blooming in your mind and body.

There are so many things I can say about these principles, and I will – in the coming months look for links to articles in our blog in which I ask and look for answers to questions such as, “What is practice, anyway?”, “Does practice really make perfect?”, and “Why does practice work for some and not others?”  I believe that our core principles are intimately related to these questions, and I look forward to dialoguing with you about them in person and via the web.

Best wishes,

Patrick Przyborowski


Jump Class Returns!

Back by popular demand, our 30 minute Jumpboard Interval Training class will start again on Wednesdays from 530 to 6p, beginning March 2nd.

Energize yourself with a cutting-edge reformer workout packed with heart-pumping moves that build strength and burn calories. We will integrate jumpboard sequences with dumbbells and other props to create  for a full body workout in 30 minutes. The maximum number of students per class is 4. Classes can be reserved up to one week in advance, online or by phone. Please join us!


Class changes

  • The Group Reformer & Equipment class on Fridays at 7am is cancelled for the Spring.
  • The TRX/Mat Combo class on Fri. March 18th will be at 10am instead of 11am.

Instructors to attend in-depth course on injuries

Instructors Joy and Kitty will be taking a 4 day course on working with injuries and special populations March 17th-20th. The course, offered by the STOTT Pilates licensed training facility in Dublin Ohio, focuses on helping clients in post-rehab settings, and programming safe and effective workouts for clients who may have chronic conditions like lower back pain or arthritis.

STOTT Pilates Injuries and Special Populations Course


Community News: Randa Slim is published in the Huffington Post

Congratulations to Randa Slim, who’s prescient article, “The Making of a New Narrative in the Middle East” was recently published in the Huffington Post:

The Making of a New Narrative in the Middle East


Pilates: So easy even a walrus can do it!

Thank you to Cindy Beck, who sent in this Youtube clip. Be sure to watch all the way through; the ab crunches are the best!

Walrus workout


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