November News (2010)

Dear Practice Friends,

The month of Thanksgiving, with its cooler weather and shorter days, also represents the beginning of the long spiral downward into holiday eating and the discontinuation of early morning exercise.

To combat this tendency, members of our Practice Strength support group made a pledge in October to finish strong, by eating well and keeping up with their practices so that they start 2011 on a better foot than they did in 2010. A wonderful goal! Even if we throw care to the wind on Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years Eve, that still leaves us 59 opportunities to eat well and keep our bodies moving. This may rob us of an easy pick for our New Years resolution, but that’s still very good news!

Best wishes for a healthy and happy Thanksgiving,

Patrick Przyborowski

Class Changes

Here are our class revisions for November:

  • Joy’s yoga classes are canceled for Thursday, November 4th and Friday, November 26th.
  • The Jumpboard Interval Class on Wednesdays at 530p is discontinued for the fall season.

FREE YOGA CLASS! In honor of the election day, Joy will be offering a free mixed level Hatha Yoga class, on Tuesday, November 2nd at 7p. Go place your vote, then stretch out with Joy’s yoga before heading home to watch the results!

Community News

Get your Vote on: Tuesday, November 2nd is mid-term election Day. Please be sure to include some time in your schedule for Tuesday to place your vote.

Nancy Knickerbocker ran like the wind in Columbus two weeks ago. Brent Johnson, Joan Wire, and Patrick kicked it hard at the Bourbon Chase last weekend. And many Practice friends danced the night away at Masquerage, including Brent Johnson, Tim Farquhar, Juetta West, Jack Omer, and Michael Arthur.

Happy Birthday Practice! I’m happy to say our second anniversary is on November 17th. Thank you for continuing to support us; we couldn’t do it without you!

Coming up on November 21st, our very own Juetta West, a Ben-gal alumnus will be performing with 180 pat and present Ben-gals during the half-time celebration of the Cincinnati Bengals-Buffalo Bills game in Cincy. The game starts at 1p; come join us! See for tickets.

Don’t be shy! If you have news you would like to share with the Practice community, please reply to Patrick at; we’d love to include you.

Social Opps

The Turkey Trot in Miamisburg is a blast and one of the best ways to enjoy a guilt free turkey dinner. See for details and registration. This year the 5 mile race is limited to the first 7,000 runners, so be sure to sign up soon.

If you haven’t seen the Human Race Theatre’s production of The 39 Steps yet, you should! It is a wonderful comedy with 4 actor’s playing over a hundred roles. We were there last Thursday and enoyed ourselves immensely. This show is in the Loft Theatre, right next door to the Victoria Theater, and runs until  November 7th. See for details and tickets.

If you have an event in Dayton that you are organizing or are planning to attend and would love to see some other Practitioners there, please email Patrick with the deets!

Practice Calendar 11-2010

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