Welcome Groupies!

Congratulations to you on your purchase of the 3 Yoga or Pilates Matwork class package through groupon.com. We’re thrilled that you will be joining the Practice Community. To help make your first trip to the studio easy and fun, I’d like to share some information with you:

Our monthly class calendar can be found in the top left corner of this blog page. Look for a button that says “Monthly Class Schedule and Rates.” Click on this and you can then download pdfs of the most recent class calendar and the 2010 rate card that lists all of the types of packages we offer at the studio. Check out the Pilates Matwork and yoga classes that are offered Mon, Tues, Thurs, Friday and Saturday. For your first class, you can call the studio to check on availability for the class you would like to take. Once you have redeemed your groupon at the studio and are entered in our system as a client with a paid package, you will be able to sign up for classes online via our internet scheduler.

For your first class, please remember to:

  • Bring your groupon with you to redeem at our front counter; come in a little early so that you can fill out some necessary paperwork (I’ve added the client intake and informed consent forms as attachments below for your convenience; feel free to print, fill out, and bring with you).
  • Bring socks with you (yes, comfortable pants and shirt are also required).
  • Smile, you just made a great decision in joining our merry band of exercisers!

You can attend our Pilates matwork and yoga classes on a walk in basis, though our class size limit is 15 practitioners, so it’s a great idea to sign up in advance via our internet scheduler, Mindbody Online.  For step by step instructions on how to use the scheduler, go  click on the “Visit Practice Website” button to the lef t of this post, then click on “Getting Started” on the homepage which will walk you through the scheduling process. (Note: You will want to make sure that you have already contacted the studio once to make sure we have your groupon voucher number and name entered in our system before you can use the scheduler.) If you are not tech savvy, don’t worry, you can always call into the studio or email me directly with inquiries at pprzyborowski@gmail.com.

On behalf of the staff and the everyone in our community, welcome to Practice!

Best wishes,

Patrick Przyborowski

practice client intake form – rev 8-2010

Practice Informed Consent – rev 8-2010

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