June News (2010)

Practice Calendar 6-2010

Dear Friends,

Father’s Day is coming up in a few weeks, and Kitty reminded me to suggest gift certificates for Practice as a great thank you to dad for a job well done this year!

Additionally, we’re offering a free matwork class for Dad’s on June 19th (see below). And for the ladies, there’s fun to be had at the Dude Girl Run. Here’s what’s new in June at Practice:

  • Special Father’s Day Matwork Class with Kitty Snow on Saturday, June 19th, 10a: Moms, bring your husband with you for free!
  • Retail alert: We now have our capri pants in for summer! We have two models, Bella, and Alo, priced $38 and $50. respectively.
  • Ladies, join us for the 2nd Annual Dude Girl Run on Sunday, June 13th at 9am at Sugarcreeek Reserve. Kitty, Kerry, and Patrick will be there offering post-run stretching for participants. Please see www.upandrunning.com for details.
  • The Saturday TRX/Mat Combo class at 11a has been discontinued for the summer.
  • Joy’s will be on vacation from June 26 to July 10: Yoga on the Ball and Hatha Yoga classe are cancelled during this time period (6/29, 7/2, 7/6, and 7/9)

A last announcement: Practice is now on Facebook! If you have an account, please become a fan of the studio. Look under search for Practice, or better yet, just cut and paste this link:


And if you do enjoy Facebook, please friend me as well: I’m under Patrick Przyborowski.

I hope everyone has a wonderful month!


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