April News (2010)

Hi All,

Spring has sprung with aplomb this week and it’s welcome here in Dayton. This is a great weekend for tuning up the bike and in-line skates, or getting new laces for your tennis or running shoes. To that I would add, it’s now time to step into high gear, working our arms, legs and midsections! Our calendar this month is similar to March’s; we’re keeping a full docket of classes available for folks who are eager with the spring thaw to increase their training. Also, we have a couple of announcements:


  • Kerry’s TRX Mat Combo class on April 29th will be at 9a instead of 10a.
  • Congratulations to Leslie Harshman, Kitty Snow and Joy Karl! After a round of rigorous testing, Joy has moved from into the second Phase of her apprenticeship and will now begin to charge half price for her Pilates-based instruction. Both Kitty and Leslie have advanced into the final phase of their apprenticeships and are now at full price for their instruction. I am thrilled with the progress all of our instructors have made this past year; please consider “cross-training” and try a class with one of the instructors you don’t normally work with. Every instructor approaches the Pilates method, as well as yoga and TRX, with their own unique style, providing you with a new experience of the work you know and love.

Continuing and Very Cool: When you buy a New Journey package as a new client, or renew your package as an active client, we will provide you with a 20% discount coupon for Beyond Yoga wear at Whispers Home, 2426 Far Hills Ave., in Oakwood (www.whispersboutique.com). Please check out the sample items we have at the studio the next time you’re in.

Happy Easter and Passover to everyone,


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