March News (2010)

It seems we are in the home stretch for winter weather. The snow is melting and temperatures are on the rise-ish, and while bikini weather is a ways off, it’s a good time to start ramping up our bodywork to get ready for spring. Enclosed please find the class calendar for March, 2010. I have only one special announcement for March, but it’s a goodie:

20% Discount on Beyond Yoga Apparel at Whispers Home!

Judy Wyatt and the staff at Whispers Home in Oakwood have a great store filled with fine linens, lingerie, and a beautiful line of yoga wear called Beyond Yoga. When you buy a New Journey package as a new client, or renew your package as an active client, we will provide you with a 20% discount coupon for Beyond Yoga wear at Whispers Home, 2426 Far Hills Ave. ( Please check out the sample items we have at the studio next time you’re in!

I wish everyone an early happy St. Patrick’s Day. Have a great month!


Practice Calendar 3-2010

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