Yoga Strategy

Last week’s New York magazine reported on Equinox gym’s “War of the Yogis.” Apparently, the posh sports club chain has teamed up with Pure Yoga, a studio chain in Hong Kong, to open a 20,000-square-foot space on the Upper East Side come

It would dwarf even some of NYC’s largest studios: Om Yoga is 11,500-square feet; Jivamukti is 12,000. That’s some serious yoga space—they better have some amazing classes, deep pockets, or fantastic karma, or else the NYC real estate market can’t possibly support this.

The article says the high-sheen place will have five rooms of simultaneous yoga in different styles. And no more pretending not to fight over mat space—you’ll be able to go online and reserve your very own parking spot within a class.

The quote Equinox gave New York is incredibly telling: “we will continue to expand and pursue an aggressive yoga strategy.” And the Pure Yoga site describes its retail shops like this: “Our interiors are ergonomically designed for the ultimate shopping experience.” Erm, “aggressive yoga strategy”? Yoga, ergonomics, and “ultimate shopping”? WWPD (What Would Patanjali Do?)

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